Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fire up Firefox

Make you firefox rock and change the way you browse. Optimize your bandwidth. Get what you want, exclude unwanted. Add-ons that change firefox
  1. Adblock Plus - This one rocks than any other damn plugin. Blocks all the ads and you can put your own regex to block
  2. All-in-One Gestures - Make gestures on Firefox to do what you want. Make a gesture zoom-in a image, open tab, much more.
  3. Tweak Network - Have bandwidth still firefox downloading pages slowly. Install this and change to power mode.
  4. Tiny Menu - Want more screen space for webpage than menus, etc.
  5. Flashgot - Strictly for heavy downloaders. Configure to use Leechget and fire up your downloading.
  6. Speed Dial - Speed dial your fav sites, instead of typing and wasting time.
  7. Session Manager - Did you ever wanted to recover your last session, get your searches and pages back. Try this.
  8. RAM Back - Firefox eating up your RAM. Get your RAM back.
  9. Web Developer - Using GPRS/slow connection, dont want to waste your bandwidth on images etc, block them using this. Clear cookies, and more for a web developer.
  10. IE Tab - Few of damned sites work on IE only, use this to get rid of them. Configure to use IE rendering engine everytime you visit those sites.
  11. Firebug - Like developing/inspecting web applications, wanted to know whats slowing your page. Check this out!!!
  12. Fox Clocks - Boss in different continent. Get this to get time there.
  13. Cooliris - iPhone interface to browse images
  14. Better Gmail2 - Gmail users try this out. Nice one!!!
  15. ForecastFox - Get forecast on your firefox.

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